CareIndia Health joins hands with SRL Diagnostics to provide holistic preventive healthcare services to its patients

New Delhi: Disease detection and management is only possible with timely and accurate diagnostics and blood testing. In order to improve holistic preventive care, CareIndia Health – wellness pharmacy collaborates with SRL diagnostics, to have their collection rooms within all CareIndia premises. They also offer home collection services. SRL Diagnostics is a NABL & CAP accredited lab founded in 1995 with over 441 locations.


CareIndia Health is offering a 15% inaugural discount on the preventive healthcare packages throughout March 2021.


A blood test is like a gauge, revealing measures of disease inside your body. Routine preventive full body health check-ups are essential for disease prevention and management. Routine tests allow one to catch early signs of diseases, empowering one to make more informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. To educate its patients on annual health check-ups CareIndia Health is offering a 15% inaugural discount for March 2021 on all preventive healthcare packages.


CareIndia Health is a new age holistic wellness pharmacy, ensuring all its staff are certified pharmacists, and all medicine is sourced from only WHO GMP approved brands and manufacturing plants. Staff in most Indian chemists are generally not all certified, often having 1 pharmacist and rest helpers, leading us to self-medicate from unlicensed people. The medicine at CareIndia is barcoded (and therefore traceable) and temperature controlled. They also educate the affordability benefits of Generic medicines and only sell certified brands. There are numerous generic companies, and therefore it’s important to only stock WHO GMP certified brands. The founder, Amritah Sandhu moved from London to India, to start an organised chain pharmacy, and make good quality affordable medicine accessible to Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. Her pharmacy is built on the best practice models of the West, Boots in the UK, and CVS Pharmacy in America.


Interruption in drug supply and regular tests can be pressing issues for people with chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension. During the pandemic, it is essential patients continue to receive unhindered healthcare services, and so we offer home collection services. Patients can get their blood tested from their comforts of their homes. Our focus is to provide good holistic primary healthcare, diseases management and preventive health to the people,” said Ms Amritah Sandhu, Founder & Director, CareIndia Health – Wellness Pharmacy.


Recognising the primacy of preventive health & disease prevention through correct nutrition, CareIndia pharmacy stocks a variety of organic health foods, gluten free products, vitamins and supplements, and superfoods, which you cannot find in your regular medical stores. They also supply baby products including baby foods, medicines and other essential baby care items.


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