CASAGRAND hired 250+ employees in last one month

Chennai: CASAGRAND, the leading real estate developer of South India has recruited 250+ employees in last one month for supporting their ongoing business growth. The hiring took place across the levels.

The hiring took place across the regions Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore for different levels – from freshers to senior managers and above, across the departments like sales, marketing and operation. These employees will work as full time employees to drive its business growth in the coming months.

Commenting on the hiring, Arun MN, Founder & Managing Director of CASAGRAND said, “CASAGRAND is on the rapid growth path. This year, we will launch more projects than previous year and the focus will also be aggressively market to liquidate existing inventories. The new recruitment is in line with our on-going growth strategy of the company.”

The real estate sector in India is one of the largest contributors to the countries’ GDP and provides employment to a large section of society. Large hiring by established corporates like CASAGRAND will encourage growth, instil confidence in the economy and help alleviate the current ongoing employment crisis in the country. Recruiting across levels will benefit many young and experienced job seekers in the current scenario.