Catalyst Group Organised seminar at NIT Srinagar to promote easy access to quality education and training in J & K

New Delhi: Getting admission in a good engineering college is an aspiration for thousands of non-medical students across the nation to land at their dream jobs. However, the students from Kashmir valley, regardless of having the potential, are unable to grow due to lack of opportunities and awareness. This leaves them out of the mainstream competition. In a bid to bring them at par with fellow students across the country, Catalyst Group, India’s leading online learning platform has organised educational seminar at NIT Srinagar.

The strategic association aims to spread awareness about different job opportunities among students through seminars, discussions etc. For the students of NIT Srinagar,Catalyst Group will be offering multiple online courses to the student using there Online platform where Top faculties of Indian will be teaching and promoting the best study practices to help them map out their future specialization and crack competitive exams effectively. Many NIT students, who enrolled in its courses, have already qualified their target exams, while others continue to learn on the platform.In addition to the teaching quality student get access you study material and test series also on Catalyst Group Online Platform where students can attend classes multiple times as per there fo convenience.

Mr. Akhand Swaroop Pandit, CEO&Co-Founder,Catalyst Group said, “We want to extend quality training and education in the valley so that every student here can aspire to fulfil their dreams. We are planning associations with more institutes in Srinagar to empower many more students with a clearer view of opportunities. They wouldn’t need to seek out good coaching in Delhi anymore when we provide them with the best courses right inside their campus. We are bringing the best of education and training to their doorstep so that they can save on a lot of hassle, time and money. This can drive them to perform on a pan-India level and enable them to break all political and psychological barriers that are generally associated with the state.”

A senior professor of NIT Srinagar said, “Those who come to NIT are some of the brightest minds. However,this is not always enough to get through competitive exams. In spite of having the right aptitude, they lack the exposure received by students in the metros.This can cloud their focus and negatively affect their performance. This might even demotivate them in the long run. We hope that this agreement will effectively help our brilliant students get past their inhibitions and do their best.”

NIT Srinagar is a well-developed institution, where students from all over India come in the pursuit of higher education in engineering. Certain factors, including that of Article 370, have been alienating the state and restricting its growth. However, the recent abrogation of Article 370 is being seen as a progressive change, which will transform the education scenario of J&K. With more opportunities in the area, many educational institutions are expected to make their way into the state. This will lead to higher awareness and creation of more job opportunities in Jammu & Kashmir.