Catalyst To Offer Scholarships To Students Who Lost Their Parents In The Pandemic

New Delhi: Catalyst Group will be offering lifetime scholarships to students preparing for UPSC/ SSC/GATE/IBPS/CA/CS/NET/IIT JEE/NEET/CAT and even for school students, who lost their parents due to COVID-19. The prestigious e-learning institution has decided to help those in need by working as an accelerator to the student’s success path.


Catalyst is a group of faculties including Civil Servants, Senior Professors, Authors, e.t.c, working together to make e-learning reach a high level by making education easily accessible for each and every student. We provide a wide range of courses online, from competitive to school-level courses are all available at the catalyst.


We will be providing students with 50-100% of scholarships to the students who lost their parent(s) in the pandemic to help them get through this hard time. A 100% scholarship will also be provided to the students depending on their financial status. This plan is only applicable for the next 3 months. The total worth of the scholarship is 2 crores.


This crisis support scholarship is especially for those students who lost any of their beloved Parents & are now suffering due to financial constraints due to the pandemic. Students can enroll themselves for any competitive or government examination preparation and can also choose to study individual subjects for school, graduation, post-graduation, or Ph.D.


Students willing to take up the benefits of this great opportunity provided by the catalyst can register themselves for the scholarship by mailing the documents like Scanned copies of students and parents original Aadhar Card, Positive Covid report of the parents, death certificate of the parents, Income tax details or GST details of the parents, Income certificate of parents and mention the mobile number registered with the official website of catalyst.


The catalyst is taking the initiative to help kids who lost their beloved parents during the pandemic. It will help the students pursue their studies without worrying about the fees. Akhand Swaroop Pandit founder of Catalyst group said, “Students are the future of our nation, and education is crucial for them. The pandemic has adversely affected many families across the country, and many students are at risk. During this time of crisis, we believe in supporting talented young individuals who are going through hardships due to the pandemic. As socially responsible corporate citizens, we will lend our support in every manner possible. We have therefore launched an additional scholarship program for those impacted by COVID to support more students.”


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