Catch Rishi Raj (AIR 27, CSE 2017) live on Chanakya IAS Academy’s Facebook and YouTube Channel on 19th May 2018


With the declaration of CSE 2017 results, there is a wave of enthusiasm amongst the candidates who are going to appear in Civil Services Examination in the coming years. To help those aspirants excel in their quest with right guidance, motivation and support, Chanakya IAS Academy is organising an exclusive Live Streaming with Rishi Raj, All India Rank 27 in CSE 2017. CSE aspirants can catch him live on Chanakya IAS Academy’s Website, Facebook page and YouTube account from 11:30 am onwards on May 19th, 2018.
Civil Services Examination is highly competitive examination and aspirants are always in a fix to learn from the reliable sources and give in best of their efforts in the right direction. To work in right direction towards effective preparation for Civil Services Examination, it is always advised to get the right guidance from the right person and even better if your mentor is someone who has already successfully cleared all the stages of the Examination. On these lines, this Live Streaming is being organised to provide an opportunity for Civil Services aspirants to directly interact with the successful candidate of Civil Services Exam 2017 and get their doubts cleared there and then.
While shedding a light on this upcoming Live Streaming with Rishi Raj (AIR 27, CSE 2017), Founder and Chairman of Chanakya IAS Academy said, ‘Civil Services Exam preparation is indeed a difficult journey, and we, at Chanakya IAS Academy, have always endeavoured to guide students in the right direction with relevant preparation sources while inculcating in them the apt-most administrative traits pre-requisite to excel in Civil Services examination. Rishi Raj has been one of our bright students and I am extremely proud of his exceptional performance at CSE 2017. I am sure, through this Live interaction with Rishi Raj, aspiring candidates will be able to benefit from his rich experiences and relevant guidance.’
He also added, ‘Civil Services Prelims 2018 is now less than a month away, and I wish all the aspiring candidate good luck for the upcoming examination. With lesser vacancies this year, I am sure we will get yet another fleet of extremely able administrators for our Country.’