CavinKare Serves Nation with Sanitizers under CHIK, Nyle and Raaga Professional brands

Mumbai: CavinKare’s CK Ranganathan is set to make his father’s vision of ‘Whatever the rich man can enjoy, the common man should be able to afford’ a reality again. At a time of extreme anxiety and duress in the country due to COVID 19 (coronavirus), the company has responded with the most needed product – quality hand sanitizer with easy accessibility and affordability to ensure safety of everyone in the county.

“This is not merely a product launch, but service that we are launching for the safety of every citizen across urban and rural areas of our country.” said Mr. CK Ranganathan, Chairman and Managing Director, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.

With an aim to serve people across the country, CavinKare has introduced hand sanitizer under its personal care brands – CHIK, Nyle – and professional brand – Raaga. CHIK presents hand sanitizer also in 2 ML sachet starting at Rs 1 which can be used atleast twice making it easily affordable for everyone and accessible due to its nationwide Kirana store presence, while Nyle with its unique formulation will, initially, cater to its segment with the 5 litre pack followed by smaller formats and Raaga Trusted by Experts to the salon segment in the country.

Mr. CK Ranganathan added, “Considering most people don’t have access to quality hand sanitizers during this time, it is our responsibility to make the essential product accessible and affordable to every individual with utmost quality. The concept of launching the sanitizer in a sachet as well and making them available in a typical FMCG Kirana outlet is an ideal step to ensure safety of the masses at this crucial time.”

“As a socially responsible organisation, we ensure that we play our role in a more responsible way and contribute our part towards the safety of people residing across every nook and corner of the country. While it generally takes 6 to 18 months for developing a new product, it is because of our R&D team, who had already researched about sanitizer and kept the formulation ready, we were able to make this quality sanitizer available in the market in just two weeks time from its initiation.” concluded Mr. CK Ranganathan.

CavinKare has introduced these quality hand sanitizers in various SKUs across three brands making it the right choice for people to suit their needs. The company’s decision of providing sanitizer from Re. 1 is well within the government’s current stipulated pricing norm which has been duly followed across all other SKUs such as 10 ML, 50 ML, 90 ML, 400 ML, 800 ML & 5 Litre pack . While the 5 Litre pack is already introduced in market nationwide, the other SKUs will be launched soon. For any product related enquiry, you can give a call to: 1800 419 0671