CBREX raises $1.1 million as equity funding

New Delhi: CBREX, a global recruiter exchange which connects companies to recruitment agencies today announced that it has raised an amount of $1.1 million as equity funding. The money has been raised from a few Indian high net worth investors.

CBREX is a tech platform that uses machine learning to connect jobs to vendors (suppliers) and helps a company hire anyone, anywhere. The platform is currently being used by employers across 17 countries with around 5000 recruiters (agents) to hire talent across experience levels and domains.

Gautam Sinha, Chief Executive and Co-founder, CBREX said, “The amount raised will be assigned for accelerating and expanding our sales in the US, which is the leading market for CBREX. The company plans to appoint resellers, senior sales people and senior management in the US and other international markets like Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia including India.”

He further added, “The idea is to create “specialised supplier clusters” on a single platform that gets connected to relevant jobs based on their areas of expertise. CBREX also helps enhance productivity of corporate recruiters as they can now use a single interface to interact with vendors/supplies based anywhere in the world.”