CBSE board exams to happen for sure, schedule to be shared very soon: Secretary, Anurag Tripathi

New Delhi: With view to conduct annual board exams after a few months, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is making plans and will soon reveal as to how it will do test assessments, a top official said at an ASSOCHAM webinar held today.

“During March-April we were flummoxed as to how to move forward, but our schools and teachers rose to the occasion and transformed, trained themselves in using new technology for teaching purposes and within few months conducting online classes using different apps became normal,” said Mr Anurag Tripathi, IRPS, secretary, CBSE in an ASSOCHAM webinar on ‘New Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Brighter future of school education.’

Noting that a common aim of all education policies including NEP 2020 has been to shift students from rote learning to experiential learning, Mr Tripathi said, “The entire NEP 2020’s thrust and main aim is to make a shift to skill and competency based education.”

He added, “We need to move students away from knowledge based education to competency and skill based learning.”

Mr Tripathi said that NEP 2020 provides a solution that to implement skill-based, competency based education there is a need to transform and follow entire pedagogy based teaching-learning process be it classroom teaching, face-to-face teaching or online teaching.

“The pedagogy based teaching-learning process is more about making students more curious, innovative, creative and providing them experiential learning and this can be achieved only when schools, teachers and principals change the teaching pedagogy,” said the CBSE secretary.

The only solution to this, he said, is while selecting teachers and principals, it is important for schools to gauge the capacity and competency. Besides, how to upgrade them and train them for using latest education technologies.

In a nutshell, he said NEP focuses on four aspects viz., competency based learning skill education; transforming teaching pedagogy, teachers’ selection, recruitment, training and upgradation and lastly, 360-degree view to check learning outcome through assessment examination.

He urged all stakeholders to thoroughly read the NEP 2020 to clear any doubts, promote awareness and discuss with parents, students and tell them how teachers need to upgrade themselves in teaching-learning pedagogy and learn new techniques.

Further stating that NEP 2020 encourages our students to learn how to stand on their feet and contribute in country’s growth and development, Mr Tripathi said “If we need to usher a revolution and match the global standards in every aspect then education is the only tool to help make a big leap to transform the country and our generations to come.”

Other speakers who shared their views included – Dr Prashant Bhalla, chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council on Education; Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, co-chairman; Mr Vineet Gupta, co-chairman; Ms Nita Arora, principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka; Dr Shilpa Indoria, principal, Anand Niketan Maninagar, Ahmedabad and Ms Divya Lal, MD, Fliplearn Education Pvt. Ltd.