CCSHAU to contribute about One Crore Fifty Lakh rupees for Corona Relief Fund

New Delhi: The Haryana government announced the creation of a Corona Relief Fund to prevent the spread of the global epidemic, corona virus COVID-19. The management of CCSHAU decided to donate part of their salaries to Corona’s relief funds at a meeting chaired by Professor K.P. Singh VC, CCSHAU. Under his able guidance, the university family will collect an amount of about one crore fifty lakh rupees. All the employees including officers, teaching community and non-teaching staff will be giving some portion from their one month salary, which will be contributed to the Haryana government under the Corona Relief Fund.

Mr. Singh said “Through this initiative, the lives of infected patients can be saved. He assured that the funds raised for the Corona Relief Fund, would be used for the betterment of state’s health system.This measure is the biggest supreme religion for the service of humanity and also appealed to them that there is a need to help one- other vigilantly and avoid negligence”.