CCU of GMC catering to patients with uncontrolled BP, blood sugar, kidney failure & low oxygen saturation level, says HoD Critical Care


Jammu: Head of Department, Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Government Medical College Jammu, Dr Smriti Gulati has said that the premier hospital and her department are taking due care of Covid-19 patients, particularly those with critical conditions.

‘We are taking care of critical Covid patients like those on dialysis or in ICU. Our services are being utilised in High Dependency Units (HDU), Isolation wards, Critical Care Units (CCU) and Neuro Surgery among various other facilities’, she said.

The department has recently added 16 beds in ICU with ventilator support and monitoring system, she informed, adding “Although we are working at our peak capacity, yet we are well equipped to treat all incoming Covid patients with varied degree of needs.”

The critical care units are dedicated for taking care of patients with uncontrolled blood pressure or blood sugar, kidney diseases and those with low oxygen saturation levels, informed Dr Gulati. ‘Many a times, the patients in need of increased oxygen support reach us in an unconscious state. They are immediately shifted to the Critical Care Unit and given artificial and non-invasive ventilation’, she continued.

Calling for a preemptive approach, she said people should not hesitate from getting tested for Covid infection if they observe any symptoms. “Our health system is well equipped to treat all Covid patients’,” she assured and added, “We are in a better position to save lives if patients reach us in early stages of Covid infection.

“Our work is being monitored by the government and being supported by all possible means, she said. We are dedicatedly pressed in public service and seek public cooperation in fighting Covid,” she added.

Dr Smriti Gulati called upon the public to observe Covid appropriate behaviour and monitor body temperature and oxygen saturation levels in case any symptoms appear.

Explaining the two, she said, if fever persists for more than four to five days and oxygen saturation levels fall below 94, it is time to consult a doctor. She also warned against self medication and said that medicines should only be taken after consultation, telephonic or otherwise, with a doctor. She informed that telemedicine services have also been launched by the government and should be used by the people.


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