CEAT Specialty Tyres conducts free eye check-up camp for mining truck drivers in Sathupally

Sathupally: CEAT Specialty Tyres Ltd. in association with RPG Foundation’s flagship ‘Netranjali’ conducted a free eye check-up camp for the mining truck drivers in Sathupally, Telangana. The one-day camp comprised comprehensive eye check-up of over 400 mining truck drivers and educating them on tyre features of Minemax, a sturdy range of tyres catering to the mining trucks, that has four breaker ply technology which makes it puncture resistant and enhances the tyre life.

Mining is a tough profession that involves miners working at high temperature zones, spending the entire day outside that results in coal dust inhalation, damage to the eyes and even cancer. In addition to this, their wages are meagre which makes it difficult for them to have access to the required healthcare services.

Mr. Vijay Gambhire, Managing Director of CEAT Specialty Tyres Limited said “With Netranjali, we aim at creating a safer environment for mining truck drivers by eradicating avoidable blindness through these camps as 80% of this is preventable with early stage interventions. Our program ensures the drivers are well-informed and get access to routine eye check-up”.

Netranjali’s vision centre was set-up in the Mahalaxmi Infracontract Limited coal mining area of Sathupally, Telangana where in addition to eye examination, free spectacles were distributed to the beneficiaries with weak eyes and in cases of serious disorders, information regarding hospitals was provided.

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