CEDP Skill Institute organized an industrial visit to India’s No.1 Vineyards

Mumbai: CEDP Skill Institute recently organized an industrial visit to India’s No.1 Vineyards “Sula Vineyards” recently for their Hotel Management students in order to provide them insight about the industry and to understand the process, methods and machines used in winemaking. The basic objective behind the industry visit was to bestow an excellent and sterling opportunity for the students to interact and procured practical knowledge about the wine industry.
“Our dedication to providing our students only the best and supporting them in their pursuit of various managerial concepts and knowledge will benefit our students and puts everyone in direct contact with industry experts which as a whole will enhance student’s ability to accelerate information sharing, and provide them in-depth knowledge about hospitality industry” said Mrs Shaheen Khan, Director of CEDP Skill Institute Mumbai.
The students were briefed about the various departments and thereafter they visited manufacturing part and storage area. The Staff at Sula Vineyards was very cooperative and they demonstrated all the technical faculties to their extent. The staff member guided students on each and every question with detailed answers. It is rightly said that “See & know” is better than “read & learn”. Students really got the real exposure about company’s functioning after this visit. They also got a chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implication.
Lastly, all the students were given information on Wine tasting and also an opportunity to taste the best 6 blends of Sula Wines.
CEDP, the pioneer institute in skill development and training keeps on organising various types of industry tours on behalf of the students to give them the first hand information , while at the same time maintaining a balance between industry and academia.