CELEBI Launches Aviation Security Training Institute

New Delhi: CELEBI DELHI CARGO TERMINAL Pvt Ltd, has launched India’s first BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) accredited Aviation Security Training Institute located inside the Airport premises.

With the operationalization of this institute Celebi India will be able to give Aviation Security training and certification accredited by Civil Aviation Security Regulator-BCAS as per ‘NCASTP-National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme’.

Shri Kumar Rajesh Chandra, DG – Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of ASTI, congratulated the Celebi team, and asked them to carry on working in this direction. He said “Terrorists have to be lucky once and we have to be lucky all the time. Though we try our level best that security should be intelligent but one needs to realize that security is non- negotiable. At BCAS it has always been our endeavor to provide the guidelines and perception. Cargo security is the weaker area and setting up of this institute is a welcome step in this direction”.

Mr. Ramesh Mamidala, CEO, Çelebi, Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd., said “So far we have taken help from external training institutes, and for that we had to coordinate for external logistics amongst other requirements. We at Celebi itself have close to 3500 people who will be required to take the training including screeners and other staffs. We are also willing to help other partners in the industry and trade and therefore this institute will be advantageous to the industry. This Institute will also be a part of The Celebi Global Academy that we are in the process of establishing in India”.

ASTI (AVIATION SECURITY TRAINING INSTITUTE) certification is a formal evaluation and confirmation by National Aviation Security Authority in India, a BUREAU OF CIVIL AVIATION SECURITY.

The Appropriate Authority for Civil Aviation Security in India i.e. DG – BCAS for the purpose of securing the safety of Aircraft operations, directs thirteen security control functions/ activities pertaining to aircraft operations

The Aviation Security Training Institute of CELEBI will conduct the following AVSEC Courses:

1) AVSEC Initial Induction Course. 05 days

2) AVSEC Basic Course for Security Staff. 13 days

3) AVSEC training for X-Ray Screeners (Stand Alone). 03 days

4) AVSEC Basic Refresher. 03 days

5) 1 day AVSEC Awareness Programme 1 day

6) Any other AVSEC Training allotted by DG, BCAS.