Celebrate your shortlisted 2025 UK City of Culture location

The 2025 UK City of Culture is soon to be revealed. The winning location will be selected from a shortlist of 4 UK places which includes Bradford, County Durham, Southampton and Wrexham County Borough.

How to get involved
Ahead of the winner being announced, we’ll be shining a spotlight on each of these places in turn through our social media channels on the following days:

Wednesday 18 May: County Durham
Friday 20 May: Bradford
Monday 23 May: Wrexham/Wrecsam County Borough
Tuesday 24 May: Southampton
You can also show your support and get involved in celebrating what you love about each of these places on these days through your social media channels by:

Following DCMS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow and share our content.

Sharing your messages of support for your favourite shortlisted city on their day.
Posting images and videos about your favourite places to visit and enjoy in these cities.
Sharing your stories and facts about what makes each shortlisted place unique.
Make sure you include your city as a hashtag alongside the #CityofCulture2025 hashtag to join the conversation.

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