Celebrating an evening of Indian Cinema at The Design Village




The Design Village (TDV) organized an evening with the Theme ” Mehfil-e-Kirdaar” to Celebrate Indian cinema on its Campus.

The students in the 3rd semester expressed, “Cinema is a special part of our lives, be it through the familiar lives of the characters we see, or the grandeur of the fantasies we love with the spice of music, the emotions, and scenes in the movie that makes us relate to, it always has something for each of us”. The Design Village (TDV) rejoiced for an evening to cherish the flavor of iconic movies and their loved characters.

The event was a student initiative to have an interactive session with Facilitators, Juniors, and Seniors of TDV. This allowed students to engage with their fellow learners and dive into creativity to enact drama-packed scenes, enjoy music, and honor inspirational characters and their portrayals while relishing small munchies.

The evening included dance performances, karaoke, and monologues from the history of cinema. The students and the team of the village actively participated to make this day eventful with their favorite movie scenes such as Gabbar who didn’t know “kitne aadmi the” or Munna Bhai whose life motto is “Tension lene ka nahi, sirf dene ka” and recreating iconic looks from Indian Cinema.

The event was memorable gathering support, student volunteers, and participation from the entire ecosystem imitating movie artists and performing in small teams.



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