Celebration of words and creativity

April 23 – Day of the English Language, a memorable day of the great writer William Shakespeare.
His famous lines “To be or not to be …” are timeless, because every day we are faced with the problem of choice: to teach or not to teach, to love or not to love, to do or not to do. It was on April 23, in the building of the Prionezhsky District Administration, that the traditional fourth competition of reading in English among students of 5-11 grades of schools took place.

What wonderful performances, what a serious approach to the presentation of works! What a pleasure it is to listen to small and older children speaking English, so sincerely worried about whether they will be able to convey and convey to the listeners the ideas of the authors. We listened to excerpts from the works of various writers: from classics to modern, poetry and prose.

It should be noted that absolutely all the participants coped with the task, distinguished themselves and presented their schools with dignity. In fact, everyone became winners, the main victory is victory over oneself: overcoming one’s own fears, insecurities, developing useful skills, taking a new height,

– noted the organizers of the competition.

The jury included teachers: Svetlana Gennadievna Guseva, Valeria Arkadyevna Dmitrieva, Tatyana Vladimirovna Zherebtsova (Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU), Svetlana Petrovna Kuzkina (English language school of the Center for Education and Culture of Karelia).

Their competent opinion, words of approval and support are valuable and important to us. We felt warmth and interest in ourselves from the jury members,

– noted the participants of the competition.

Diplomas in the first age group (grades 5-8) were received by Sergey Lipatov, Demid Dubinin (Shuya secondary school № 1), Sofya Vasilyeva (Shoksha secondary school). Among students in grades 9-11, diplomas were awarded to Alexandra Malakhova (secondary school No. 44), Yulia Shchepelina (Zaozersk secondary school No. 10), Ksenia Alyashkevich (secondary school No. 2, item Meliorativny). Daria Omelchenko (Secondary School No. 44) and Ekaterina Frolova (Secondary School No. 2, item Meliorativny) received Audience Prizes.

Our event took place thanks to the work of the English language teachers in the schools of the Prionezhsky district. Eleonora Veniaminovna Ignatieva, Irina Vladimirovna Nemirova, Svetlana Vladimirovna Sukhorukova, Maria Andreevna Stafeeva, Elena Alekseevna Pigulskaya, Margarita Dmitrievna Seredova, Lyudmila Gennadievna Kolesnikova, they, as fighters of the invisible front, worried no less than the participants themselves. We all saw the results of the painstaking work of our colleagues. We thank the Administration of the Prionezhsky municipal district for the prizes provided, its specialist Oksana Viktorovna Tsyganova for the help and support of our competition.

The celebration of words and creativity took place because we all, both children and adults, choose to “love”, because we all choose to “do”, consider the organizers and participants of the competition.

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