Center for genealogy and family history of PetrSU: results of the year

In recent years, the Genealogical Society of Karelia, the Center for Genealogy and Family History of PetrSU and the scientific student laboratory “Family Chronicler”, led by Associate Professor O.Yu. Kulakovskaya, have begun to play an increasingly active role in the social life of the republic.
Another success of the Karelian genealogists was the victory of the GOK in the republican competition of public annual reports of socially oriented non-profit organizations for 2019, which was carried out by the Ministry of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the republican public organization “In the City” within the framework of the Navigator of Karelia NGOs project . In December 2020, the society was awarded the 1st place.

In the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Karelia a ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition took place. The cup, diploma and gifts were received by representatives of the society I.G. Baklushin and E.G. Veselkova.

The award for the II place was received by the General Director of the Karelian Resource Center of Public Organizations N.G. Oskin, an honorary member of the GOK since 2012.

III place went to the Korela non-profit partnership (director I.A. Giloeva, who is also a member of the Olonets branch of the GOK).

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