Dibrugarh : Centre for Studies in Journalism & Mass Communication
(CSJMC), Dibrugarh University, one of the finest media and communications institutions of
North-East India, successfully hosted their two-day debut edition of ‘The Kaleido Conclave’
in collaboration with Oil India Ltd., Duliajan and Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd,
Lepetkata, at Indira Miri Conference Hall, Dibrugarh University today, starting 26th May
The dais was graced with the presence of eminent media dignitaries from northeast India
namely Karma Paljor, Editor-in-Chief of East Mojo, seasoned journalist Oineetom Ojah, OILSpokesperson Tridiv Hazarika and independent film-maker Jaicheng Zxai Dohutia of Baghjan
fame, on day 1 and Guwahati-based Master Puppeteer Binita Devi, Ministry of Culture
fellowship awardee, on day 2.
The two-day event shone spotlight on the ever-growing and crucial practices across media
namely Journalism, Public Relations, Cinema and New Media and the significance of
understanding the industry nuances across these diverse fortes in academia.
In his message, Dr. Probin Kumar Gogoi, Chairperson, CSJMC, Dibrugarh University said, “I
am elated that we were able to successfully host the first ever edition of The Kaleido
Conclave’22 organized by CSJMC. The sole idea of the conclave was to celebrate the gathering
of illustrious national and regional media dignitaries and our students to allow a fruitful
exchange of ideas and dialogue to close the gap between industry and academia. I hope we
have been able to achieve that in the debut edition and look forward to the editions to come.”
The inaugural session ignited conversations on the new world of journalism, on public relations
and convergence of data and storytelling, emerging practices in independent film-making.
Chief Guest, Prof. Deb Kumar Chakraborty, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, highlighted how
policies with the help of media as the conduit has the power to be a change agent to bring about
the needed changes in education and overall national development.
EastMojo’s Karma Paljor, who came in as the New Media resource person commenced the
session and stressed on the importance of understanding the nuances of the digital news
landscape. He said, “Understanding the digital audience is key. The future of digital media in
the context of news is not reporting on ground but rather fact-checking expertise alongside data
journalism, new avenues that’s opening up in journalism today. Journalists are going to play a
key role as fact finders, and there is a bright future for it.”
Seasoned journalist, Oineetom Ojah added how journalism has undergone a sea change with
each day throwing new challenges and ever-changing treatment of news by diverse readers.
“Never leave your ethics and credibility behind and it is the only legacy that you can leave
behind. There is immense hope amongst the young generation in the Media.”
Jaicheng Xzai Dohutia, Northeast India’s film-maker entrant to Cannes Festival 2022 deep
dived into the practice of independent film-making. He said, “I am happy to be able to make it
to The Kaleido Conclave. My hope is that cinema is seen and treated as real art and the efforts
of young media students in making that happen will matter in the long run.”
Tridiv Hazarika, OIL, took the audience through the nuances of the increasing importance of
storytelling for good. “It is Public Relations that will help you come less scathed or unscathed
out of a crisis. The only umbrella that you will have on a rainy day is good, conscious PR and
you must ensure that you have a strong, quality umbrella.”
The second day ended on a high note with a Puppetry workshop was conducted by Master
Puppeteer Binita Devi. The workshop received an enthused student and faculty participation
who were introduced to the novel experience in puppetry that helped expand the scope of an
ancient artform demonstrating the importance of combining communication and folklore.