Central teams being sent to States to support in COVID-19 Management

New Delhi: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has decided to deploy Central teams to 10 states that have witnessed/are witnessing high case load and high spurt of cases. The teams will assist the State Health departments of respective states to facilitate management of COVID-19 outbreak.

The teams are composed of a senior official from the MoHFW, a Joint Secretary level nodal officer and a public health expert. The team shall support the State health department in implementation of containment measures in the affected areas within the respective states’ districts/cities. The teams are being sent to the

following States:

1. Gujarat

2. Tamil Nadu

3. Uttar Pradesh

4. Delhi

5. Rajasthan

6. Madhya Pradesh

7. Punjab

8. West Bengal

9. Andhra Pradesh


This is besides the 20 central teams of public health experts who were earlier sent to the high case load districts.

A high level team had recently been deputed to Mumbai to support the State efforts in COVID-19 response and management.