Central University of Odisha organizes an online programme on ‘Preparing for interviews’

Koraput: To enhance the interview skills of the students, an online programme on the topic ‘Preparing for interview’ was organised by the Central University of Odisha (CUO), Koraput on 27 May 2021. Prof C. Murli Krishna, Head, Department of English, Osmania University, Hyderabad joined as a Resource Person and spoke on the occasion. Prof I. Ramabrahmam, Vice-Chancellor, CUO inaugurated the programme and wished the programme will enhance the interview skills of the students to face interview at any level. He highlighted the importance of communication skills to the students in his address. The programme was started with introductory note Prof. P. Durga Prasad, Visiting Professor, Dept. of Sociology. Dr. Ram Shankar, introduced the Resource Persons. Dr. Minati Sahoo, HoD (I/c), Dept. of Business Management, CUO coordinated the programme.
Prof. Krishna discussed about the concept of “Interview” in brief with its etymological origin, purpose and various perspectives in the first part of the programme. He explained the difference between formal and informal interviews and also went on to justify the innate fear of facing a formal interview. After providing a bird’s eye view on Interview and its importance, he discussed about the interviewing techniques which included Series Interview, Filter Interview, Set Interview, Simulation Interview, On Spot Interview and Panel Interview. He discussed each kind of interview in detail.
In the next part he discussed on how to prepare for an interview. Various aspects of preparation such as Time Management, Punctuality, Body Language, Attentiveness, Communication Skills, Enthusiasm, Listening Skills, Brevity, Honesty, Adaptation, Poise and Leadership qualities were discussed. Prof. Krishna went on to enlist various kinds of questions that can be expected in an interview which included questions concerning a candidate’s attainments-educational and personal, physique-appearance, manners, health etc, general intelligence, aptitude, interests and dispositions. He also explained how all of these questions can be divided into four major groups- Leading Questions, Open Ended Questions, Probing Questions and Close Ended Questions- and how to tackle each one of them.
He elaborated the process of a formal interview in four steps which included initiation, investigating tenor of behaviour, assessing knowledge and assessing interpersonal skills. Further, the norms of selection in an interview process were discussed which included a candidate’s disposition, knowledge, communication skill and leadership. The speaker concluded his presentation by providing links and suggesting books for further reading that would be helpful in preparing for an interview.
The students asked various questions relating to answering particular questions in an interview, introducing oneself to the interview panel, dealing with the pressure, the kind of mental preparation required prior to an interview, salary negotiations, presenting one’s weaknesses and having and expressing personal boundaries in the question & answer session. Prof C. Murli Krishna answered all their queries in a brief and informative manner.
The meeting concluded with the formal vote of thanks by Dr. Ram Shankar, Controller of Examinations, CUO. Along with students and faculty members of the University Prof. Sharat Kumar Palita, Dean, School of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources were present on the occasion.