Central University of Punjab celebrated National Statistics Day


Bathinda : On the occasion of National Statistics Day, the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari organized an Invited Lecture to celebrate the birth anniversary of late Prof Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, the recipient of Padma Vibhushan Award. The title of the talk was “Role of Statistics in the era of Big Data, Analytics & Data Science”. This talk was delivered by Prof. Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar, Distinguished Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute.

The programme commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Sachin Kumar, Senior Assistant Professor, where he formally welcomed our guest and participants. He also introduced the programme theme. After this, Dr. Ashok Kumar Pathak introduced the keynote speaker to the participants.

The Keynote speaker, Prof. Rajeeva L Karandikar gave an enlightening talk on the topic “Role of Statistics in the era of Big Data, Analytics & Data Science” which encouraged participants to think about the importance of Statistics in real life and other research areas. He mentioned that statistics has many practical applications in everyday life like classification of person characteristics based on physical appearance, prediction of score in sports, weather forecast, emergency preparedness etc. He stated that statistical tools help the researchers in the areas of data acquisition, analysis, interpretation and presentation. He highlighted the importance of statistics in the exit polls and discussed how one can use the information to make accurate predictions. He emphasized that statistics play a vital role in different fields such as Medical Care, Insurance, Consumer Products, Financial Markets etc. His ability to present the topic in such an interesting way inspired the students & research scholars to think deeply about the importance of statistics and its relevance in the era of Big Data.

Towards the end, Dr. Harmanpreet Singh Kapoor delivered the formal vote of thanks. He expressed his gratitude towards the keynote speakers for delivering a scholarly lecture. Faculty, staff and students of the University attended this programme online.



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