Central University of Punjab organized a special lecture on “Identity, Representation and the Postcolonial”


Bathinda: The Department of English of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari organised an online invited talk on the topic “Identity, Representation and the Postcolonial.” The keynote speaker of this programme was Professor R. Radhakrishnan, Chancellor’s Professor of Humanities and Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine.


In his keynote address, Prof. R. Radhakrishnan critically evaluated some of the crucial themes and anxieties that have constituted the field of post-colonial studies. The lecture focused on the issues that how in a globalized world we are located in a tangle of cultural and theoretical contradictions and how these contradictions are initiated from the debates over the issues of identity, representation, and material reality. He discussed the future of post coloniality both as post-colonial in particular and as ‘the time after’ in general. Some of the issues which Prof. Radhakrishnan discussed were: Is the future a break from the past?; What is the burden of the past on the post-colonial present?; What is the nature of the alignment between the imagining forward and the critical look back?; What is the message of post-colonial thought to itself and to the world at large?; Can One and the Many be made to resonate together in contrapuntal harmony?. These were some of the issues which Professor Radhakrishnan addressed in his lecture.


Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the university Professor Raghvendra P. Tiwari in his presidential remarks pointed out the relevance of the issues such as identity and representation in ancient Indian times. He posited that human agency encompasses intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual existence. This existential frame of humanity evolves on the basis of our value system. He emphasised that how Bhartiya darshan promoted universal brotherhood for the wellbeing of not only living but also non-living beings.


The programme commenced with the welcome address by Dr.Vipan Pal Singh, Programme Convener. Professor Alpna Saini moderated the question-answer session. Dr Shahila Zafar, HoD, gave the formal vote of thanks. Students from different departments of the university attended this programme.



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