Central University of Punjab organized Webinar on Life & Teachings of Satguru Ram Singh

Bathinda: To celebrate the 205th Prakash Parv of Satguru Ram Singh, the founder of Namdhari Movement, Central University of Punjab organized a Webinar on ‘Life & Teachings of Satguru Ram Singh’. Baba Satguru Ram Singh Chair and Dept. of History at CUPB conducted this programme under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari. The keynote speaker of this programme was Prof. Harmohinder Singh Bedi, Chancellor, an acclaimed academician and Central University of Himachal Pradesh.

At the beginning of programme, Prof. Kuldip Singh, Chair Professor, Satguru Ram SINGH Chair delivered the welcome address. He introduced the keynote speaker to the participants.

While addressing the participants, Prof. Harmohinder Singh Bedi said that the Kuka Movement started by Satguru Ram Singh made a significant contribution towards the freedom struggle of the country. He emphasized that Satguru Ram Singh Ji was the first founder of the non-cooperation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi against British Rule in 1920, which is rarely mentioned the history. He stated that various nationalist scholars such as Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupta and other acclaimed writers have written about the impact of this movement. He added, the influence of this movement is also found in Bengali and Marathi literature as well. He asserted that Satguru Ram Singh was a social reform who raised his voice against various social evils prevailing in our society and made special efforts to uplift the standard of women in society.

CUPB Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra Prasad Tiwari in his Presidential Address emphasized that the life ideals and teachings of such great persons should be passed on to future generations so that they could continue to be guided.

In the end, Prof. Harpal Singh Pannu, Chair Professor, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Chair, delivered the formal vote of thanks. Namdhari Sangat, University faculty & students participated in this webinar.