Central University of Punjab organized Webinar on ‘Universal relevance of Guru Nanak Bani’

Bathinda: To celebrate the 551st birth anniversary of founder Guru of Sikhism ‘Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’, the IQAC Cell of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) organized a Webinar on “Universal relevance of Guru Nanak Bani” under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari. On this occasion, Prof. Manjit Singh (Retd.), Former Head of Punjabi Department, Delhi University, was the keynote speaker.

At the start, Prof. S.K. Bawa, Director IQAC, in her welcome address put a light on the relevance of Guru Nanak Sahib’s philosophy in relation to today’s societal, environmental and political scenario. Dr Ramanpreet Kaur described the topic of the Webinar and stated that ‘Ek Onkar (ੴ)’, the Sikh Mool Mantra given by Guru Nanak Sahib teaches us that God is One. While introducing the topic of the webinar, Dr. Ramanpreet Kaur described that Bhai Gurdas, Bhatt Sahib and Allama Iqbal in their writings depicted the Image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in their writings as ‘The Sun’, ‘Narayanan’ and Mard-e-Kamil. She said Guru Nanak’s Life and Bani also gives the insights which can help the humanity to come out from their different level problems at individual, social, cultural, religious etc. levels in present times.

Keynote speaker Prof. Manjit Singh informed that Guru Nanak Bani registered in the holy book of sikh religion ‘Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ is the spiritual literature of Punjab that holds the entire ethos of the universe and has the global relevance at all times. He said, the classical literature written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji has its roots in culture & folklore of Punjab, but it has a universal relevance as it talks about social equality for all, women empowerment, humanity and peace. He referred to holy verses of Gurbani from Aasa di Var, Japu Ji Sahib, Adhiyatmk Waran, Sidh Gosti etc and shared that Gurubani preached its followers to lead truthful & pious life in harmony with nature and doing good to others. While discussing the global impact of Gurubani in present times, he asserted that even Sir Rabindranath Tagore, the writer of National Anthem of India, has called Guru Nanak Aarti “Gaggan Mai Thaal.. as the World’s Anthem. He stated that Guru Nanak’s teachings of Kirat Karo (Earning our livelihood honestly without exploitation or fraud), Naam Japo (Meditating the God’s Name), and Vand Chhako (Sharing with others and helping those who are in need), would be considered as the basic principles of living a peaceful life at all times.

Prof. R.K. Wusirika, Dean Incharge Academics, complimented keynote speaker for enlightening the participants on the topic of webinar. Towards the end, Dr. Amandeep Singh delivered the formal vote of thanks. CUPB faculty, administrators, and students attended this programme.