Central University of Punjab organized Webinar on Women Empowerment: New Paradigms in National Educational Policy 2020

Bathinda: Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) organized a Webinar on “Women Empowerment: New Paradigms in National Education Policy (NEP) 2020” as a part of the Webinar Series on NEP-2020. CUPB Internal Complaint Committee conducted this programme under the guidance of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari. On this occasion, Prof. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary-General, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), was the keynote speaker.

The programme commenced with the Welcome Address by Dr. M.S. Dhanya, Member Secretary. After this, Prof. Anjana Munshi, Presiding Officer, put a light on the topic of the Webinar. While introducing the keynote speaker, Prof Munshi mentioned that Prof Mittal is the second women Secretary General in AIU & has a wide-ranging experience of over three decades in higher education.

Keynote speaker Prof. Mittal informed that the female population of our country is equally capable and they have set new benchmarks in different professions even though the percentage of dedicated female educational institutions in India is low. She cited the example of Dr. Marie Curie, the first women Nobel Prize Winner to state that women have greater zeal to learn and education could play a vital role in women empowerment. She highlighted the challenges in the empowerment struggle of women & suggested that society needs to change their perception of the stereotyped image of women, change their attitude towards the ability of women and allow them opportunities to break the glass ceiling. She asserted that NEP-2020 is an innovative, student-centric, democratic policy that focuses on providing inclusive quality education by taking all sections of society together. She discussed the innovative reforms of NEP-2020 such as upgradation of Kasturba Gandhi Bal Vidyalayas up to 12th standard, creation of gender induced fund, the extension of age limit under Right to Education etc. and expressed her belief that its proper implementation will definitely help us to enhance ‘Female GER’ and create an educated society. She stressed that the women of our country should recognise their work contribution at home and at the workplace & they should stand out to lead the society along with the men.

Prof. R.K. Wusirika, Dean Incharge Academic Affairs, complimented keynote speaker for sharing useful insights on the webinar topic. He gave examples of the meritorious girl students of the university to state that women are equally capable.

Prof. V.K. Garg, Dean Student Welfare mentioned that CUPB is committed to providing equal access to quality education to all, to implement all imperatives of NEP-2020, and to empower everyone through knowledge. Towards the end, he gave the formal vote of thanks.


This webinar was attended by ICC members, faculty, staff members, and students of the university.