Centre approves proposal for increasing 803 PG seats in 5 medical colleges

Bhopal : The Technical Evaluation Committee of the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has given approval to the proposal for increasing 803 post graduation seats in five government medical colleges of the state. An amount of Rs.521 crore 74 lakh 45 thousand will be incurred in increasing the seats. The expenditure in ratio of 60:40 will be borne by the Union Government and State Government respectively.

The Principal Secretary Medical Education Shri Shivshekhar Shukla informed that as a result of the approval, 85 seats will increase in Netaji Susbhash Chandra Bose Medical College-Jabalpur. Similarly, 88 in Shyam Shah medical College-Rewa, 91 in Gajraraja Medical College-Gwalior, 169 in Mahatma Medical College-Indore, 85 in Bundelkhand Medical College-Sagar and 285seats in Gandhi Medical College- Bhopal will increase.

Shri Shukla further informed that an approval has been received for increasing 17 PG course seats in the second phase in Government Medical College of Jabalpur. This will lead to increase in 5, 2, 3 and 10 seats of biochemistry, micro-biology, forensic medicine, emergency medicine and pulmonary medicine (DM) respectively. Along with this, in the second phase, 2 seats each of pathology, psychiatry and radio diagnosis, 6 of pharmacology, 4 of ophthalmology, one of ENT, 18 of general medicine, 8 of general surgery, 7 of orthopedics, 5 of radiation oncology, 5 of respiratory and 3 seats of neurosurgery will increase, which will cost an estimated expenditure of about Rs. 93 crore.

In Government Shyam Shah Medical College of Rewa, 3 seats each of bio-chemistry and forensic medicine, 4 of otorhinolaryngology, 4 of radio diagnosis and 2 seats each of dermatology, venereology and leprosy will increase. Also, 4 of anatomy, 5 of physiology, 8 of pathology, 3 of pharmacology, 4 of community medicine, 4 of ophthalmology, 8 of general medicine, 6 of general surgery, 7 of orthopedics, 5 of gynecology, 3 of pediatrics, 14 of anesthesia and one seat of psychiatry have been increased , which will cost an amount of Rs 77.17 crore.

Similarly, in Government Medical College of Gwalior, 8 seats of anatomy, 6 of physiology, 10 of pathology, 7 of microbiology, 8 of pharmacology, 7 of community medicine, 5 of orthopedics, 11 of general surgery, 4 of anesthesialogy, 8 of gynecology, 10 of general medicine, 4 of radio of diagnosis and 3 of pediatrics have been increased, which will cost about Rs. 60 crore.

Among the seats sanctioned by the Centre, 169 PG seats have been increased in the Government Medical College of Indore with a cost of Rs. 175 crore 63 lakh. These include 8 seats each of anatomy, physiology and anesthesia, 10 of bio-chemistry, 15 of pathology, 14 of microbiology, 7 of forensic medicine, 14 of community medicine, one of dermatology, 5 of radio diagnosis, 20 of surgery, 8 of anesthesia, 5 of orthopedics, 21 of medicine, 6 of the psychiatry, 10 of obstetrics and gynecology, 5 of transfusion medicine and 4 seats of ENT. In Government Medical College of Sagar, 2 seats each of Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Radio Diagnosis, 3 seats each of Community Medicine and Ophthalmology, 9 of Pathology, 5 seats each of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pediatrics, Orthopedics and ENT, 11 seats each of General Medicine and General Surgery, 8 seats of gynecology and 7 seats of anaesthesiology have been increased. An amount of Rs. 92 crore will be incurred in this regard.

In Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal, 285 PG seats have been increased at an estimated expenditure of about Rs. 117 crore. These include 16 of anatomy, 9 seats each of physiology, microbiology and forensic medicine, 10 seats each of biochemistry and radio diagnosis, 14 of pharmacology, 20 of pathology, 17 of community medicine, 24 seats each of general medicine and general surgery, 25 of pediatrics, 5 of T.B. chest, 3 of psychiatry, 17 of orthopedics 5 of otorhinolaryngology, 8 of ophthalmology, 25 of gynecology and 35 seats of anesthesia.