CGC Landran’s student team MEC Innovators Files 20 Patents in One Year

Bhubaneswar: As an interdisciplinary approach in research and problem-solving is the need-of-the-hour in fostering the progress of the nation, this 4-student team from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran from branches of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) has successfully utilized this aspect in coming up with astounding discoveries and patent filings.

The team encompasses Sukant Gupta, the Team Leader, who is pursuing Mechanical Engineering along with Sangram Singh Thakur and Arihit Sehgal from the same branch and Neeraj Kumar from ECE and is known by the name of MEC INNOVATORS. With their collective efforts and creative instincts, they have filed 19 patents in just one year and 20th is in the pipeline.

These patents relate to distinct ideas that address numerous concerns that society experiences in day-to-day living. Few of these are Advanced Integrated Bathing Chair for handicaps and old people, Helmet with Integrated Mask for Prevention from COVID- 19, Autonomous Keypad Disinfectant Systems for cash dispensing machine, Autonomous AI Pumps for irrigation in fields by recycling of AC drained water, and Firefighting Spider Robot.


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