“Chalo Chale Jungle Ki Aur” Waldenwoon Eco Village

Bhubaneswar: With the direction of Prof. (Dr.) Achyuta Samant, Founder, KIIT-KISS and Honorable Member of Parliament, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences could able to organise a National Seminar on “Teaching Methodology for Tribal Students : Issues and Concerns” on 27th September 2019 in Collaboration with WALDENWOODS FOUNDATION, New Delhi, India.

RK Indiaan, Founder Waldenwoods Foundation (which is engaged for Rural Development) highlighted his views on the dissemination of indigenous knowledge and Eco-friendly practices among the tribal. He has also presented his visionary concept of Eco-friendly habitation; Madam Namrata Chadha delivered her speech on participation of women in the field of tribal education and social development.

Vision of Waldenwoods Eco Village is to connect the city dwellers with their roots that is “Back to Village”.

Waldenwoods has objective to develop 15 nos of Eco villages in the remote areas of Odisha having Tourism POTENTIAL . The 1st of it’s kind Eco Village of India is coming up at village – Kantamalia, the north east edge of Kapilash (Hills) wild Life sanctuary ( near to cuttack, Tangi) which is around 60 km from state capital Bhubaneswar. The present project site is surrounded by Tribal villages and hamlets like Munda Sahi, Daraha Sahi, chotto Tentuli, Phoola Jhara, Pimpudia etc which is mainly dominated by Munda Tribes. Waldenwoods Eco Village has plan to Generate 2000 Employments in near future. Members of Waldenwoods Foundation like Mr. K. C Aich, Mr. Dilip Patra, Mr. Bikash Das, Mr. E. K Patra, Mr. Jagadananda Tripathy and Miss Jaggy actively participate in the National Seminar.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera, Organising Secretary thanked all the delegates, co-organizers, students. He also thanked Prof. N. C. Dash for the successful completion of the National Seminar.

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