Chaman Bhartiya School combats the impact of COVID-19 on education with We Lead curriculum

Bengaluru: Chaman Bhartiya School (CBS), a “We Lead” curriculum-based digitally equipped K12 education institute, announces the commencement of its first academic year. Situated in Bhartiya City, North Bengaluru, the school has a futuristic model embedded at its core which allows it to facilitate quality education, effectively, even in between such unprecedented times of COVID-19. The school has integrated the best of the national and international curriculum in its model, facilitating intellectual, aesthetic, creative, socio-emotional, and physical development.

In the wake of COVID-19, the government of India has also emphasized on the importance of social-distancing and digital learning for students in its Atmanirbhar Package. Chaman Bhartiya School’s open and spacious infrastructural design allows social distancing between students, creating a safe, flexible and positive learning environment for the children.

CBS extensively incorporates Project, Personalised and Play-based learning tools to simplify conceptual understanding amongst students by making learning interesting & interactive for them. The school’s 1:1 iPad ratio from 1st grade along with a technology-driven ecosystem developed in association with Apple Education Solution Provider, enables seamless online learning and virtual classes for the children.

Their exclusive association with LEGO Education also aids the school’s new-age learning format. It also facilitates real time collaboration as well as one-on-one engagement between teachers & students to personalize learning.”

CBS’ “We Lead” curriculum has been exclusively designed by Allan Kjaer Anderson, a renowned international educator and founder of the 1st 100% digital school in the world “Orestad Gymnasium School”. CBS is also an exclusive member of the Global Schools’ Alliance, an international organization that works towards raising the standards of education, globally, by working closely with the most progressive schools

Speaking about Chaman Bhartiya School, Allan Kjaer Anderson, Director, Chaman Bharatiya School says, “The government of India has taken proactive measures to emphasize on the digitization of education. CBS’ vision has always been aligned with digital learning. Our classrooms bring a social-distancing set up along with real-time communication between teachers and students, paving the way for reduced risks of COVID-19. CBS will be focusing on driving conceptual understanding through personalized, play, and project-based education making learning interesting & interactive. We have tools to aid the development of 21st-century competencies, drive independent learning amongst students, and bring joy to the process of learning, deeply embedded in our ecosystem.

He adds, “At CBS, we truly believe teachers are the designers of learning experiences and are the co-creators of our vision and therefore enables us to indulge in an extensive Teachers Development Program. Chaman Bharatiya School ensures teachers are intrinsically motivated and engaged in their own personal development gaining expertise in the respective arena”

The technical shift in the education sector has boasted a heedful selection of the teachers at CBS. The school has an in-house teacher training division in collaboration with Apple Trainers and has a strategic plan for immersive training. All teachers are expected to undergo 72 hours training by Apple Certified trainers and receive Apple Certifications at the end of their training which is a mandatory module in their personal development.

Equipped with Hydroponics garden, Apple Recording Studio, Innovation Lab, makes learning interesting & engaging in elementary classes at CBS. Additionally, the Fitness Gymnasium, swimming pool, 10,000sq.ft play area, the Treehouse & Legoland make pre-school a fun place to learn for kids. Additionally, the school aims at empowering young learners to be thoughtful global citizens who are equipped to have an impact on the local issues. This can be achieved by blending the sustainable goals and 21st-century competencies in the curriculum.