Changing dynamics of admission process in Indian universities

Bengaluru: In what seems like a welcome change in the higher education system in India, universities are focusing on the non-academic profiles of students more than their academic histories. Setting a precedent for other universities, Atria University, Bangalore, has an admissions process that focuses on the student’s life story and looks at their unique qualities beyond just marks.

At Atria University, the admission decision is not based on high-school exam cut-offs or standardized test scores. The admission process seeks to identify the student’s potential to match and uphold the qualities of the community. The University values qualities like passion,rigor, curiosity, the ability to learn, self-awareness, general awareness, and a cooperative spirit in a successful candidate. The University believes that each student has distinct views, interests, and ambitions. These should influence their higher education choices, and not traditions and social constructs. The admissions process is a three-step one: online application,student engagement and interaction day, and admissions decision.

Sunder Raju, Founder, and Trustee, Atria University, says, “Atria University is attempting to address the challenges of the future by stitching together disparate learnings into a single holistic process. Distilled to its core, the underlying theme is“Learning to Learn.” We are creating citizens of tomorrow capable of navigating the fast-paced disruptions the future portends.”

According to Shaheem Rahiman, CEO, AtriaUniversity, “We are at a watershed moment in the evolution of our society and the environment. The new world order is being shaped by technology, design,and innovation. The next generation must prepare itself in a completely newmanner if it wants to survive, thrive, and find meaning in the emerging future.Mainstream higher education systems are falling short in preparing our next generation for the 21st century. These changing times demand a change in higher education.”

Atria University, Bengaluru is currently awaiting its State Private University status and is set to redefine the paradigm of higher education in India. Atria University’s approach to learning includes flexible learning pathways, interdisciplinary majors, sprint-style learning, industry experience and project as well as peer-to-peer appraisal.

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