Chhattisgarh: Penalty to be imposed and strict action to be taken against people for not following precautionary measures for COVID-19

Raipur: State Government has issued guidelines from time-to-time to ensure effective implementation of the precautionary measures and norms to prevent COVID-19 infection in Chhattisgarh state. State Government has decided to impose penalty on violation of these norms. As per the decision, fine of Rs 100 will be imposed on not wearing face cover or mask in public, fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed on violating home quarantine, fine of Rs 100 will be imposed on people found spitting in public place, and penalty of Rs 200 will be imposed on owners of commercial establishment if violation of social distancing/physical distancing is found.

It is noteworthy that Chhattisgarh Government has made it compulsory for citizens in the state to follow precautionary measures for prevention of COVID-19 infection. According to the notification issued by Health Department in the context, fine in aforementioned cases will be collected only by nayab tehsildar, assistant sub inspector (ASI) and officers authorized by District Magistrate. In case the person found guilty fails to pay the fine, then strict action will be taken under Epidemic Act and IPC.

According to the notification issued in the context, it is compulsory for each and every citizen to wear mask or face cover in public places, offices, hospitals, markets, crowded areas, lanes etc, Even in offices, work places and factories etc, it is compulsory for people to wear mask or face cover. It is compulsory for people commuting in two-wheelers and four-wheelers as well to wear mask.

Disposable mask or cloth mask can be used for protection from infection. In case, face cover or mask is not available, one can use scarf, handkerchief, dupatta etc to cover face (properly covering nose and mouth). Cloth masks, face covers, scarves, handkerchiefs, dupattas etc can be reused after properly washing with soaps. Spitting in public is prohibited. It is compulsory for people in home quarantine to follow home quarantine guidelines issued by government from time to time. In shops and other commercial establishments as well, it is compulsory to follow physical distancing norms, in case of violation, penalty will be imposed.

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