Chhattisgarh :Preparation to start ‘Angana Ma Education’ program in a new format

Raipur: The ‘Angana Ma Education’ program was launched by around 400 female teachers in the state to give young children the opportunity to learn through their mothers at home. There was a little interruption in this program due to corona infection. It is now being taken towards a new start again. Active participation of mothers in the state for children from 5 years to 8 years of age to class 3 children keeping in mind the targets set by the Government of India under the Skilled India Abhiyan. Launching with.
School Education Minister Dr. Premsay Singh Tekam addressed the source persons of the program for its first phase preparation through a webinar from his residence office. He appreciated the efforts made by teachers based on the possibility of a third wave of Corona coming. Dr. Tekam called it an innovative initiative to prepare young children to be taught by their mothers by staying at home during the next lockdown.
At the beginning of the webinar, Dr. Assistant Director of Holistic Education. M. Sudheesh informed about the upcoming Skilled India program and its set goals along with the ‘Angana M Shiksha’ program. Ms. Seema Mishra of Bilaspur shared the program’s design and strategy in the webinar. Mr. Gaurav Sharma informed the new program about Corona’s safety and the activities to be done with parents and children in the next few days. Shri Rishi Pandey gave detailed information regarding sharing various information to mothers through the telegraph. Mr. Ashish Gautam conducted the program.
State level webinar related to this program will be held on July 19, orienting 10-10 selected source persons from each district and developmental level source persons. Training of mothers and school management committee will be conducted through this.