Chhattisgarh remained untouched by nationwide recession as people had money in their pocket

Raipur: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has said that as money goes into the pockets of farmers, labourers and forest dwellers of the state, not only their economic condition will be strengthened but a surge in rural and urban business will also happen. Last year, we have seen that Chhattisgarh remained untouched by the nationwide recession due to loan waiver of farmers and purchase of paddy at the rate of Rs. 2500 per quintal. The Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, said this in a special talk broadcast from AIR today. He gave a detailed information about the steps being taken by the Government of Chhattisgarh in the interest of all sections of the society including farmers, migrant labourers, forest dwellers and villagers, in this talk.
Mr. Baghel said that the State Government of Chhattisgarh has started the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana to ensure that the farmers of the state get a fair price for their produce. 5750 crore rupees are being given to the 19 lakh farmers of the state in four installments under this scheme. The first installment amounting to 1500 crores has been transferred to the accounts of farmers on 21 May, on the martyrdom day of Rajiv Gandhi. Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that, loan waiver and purchase of paddy at Rs 2500 per quintal were done by the state government last year, but as per the instructions of the Government of India, we had to buy paddy at the support price this year. He said that the situation of farmers in Chhattisgarh is not hidden from anyone and in such a situation, it is the right of the farmers that we give them this amount. In such a situation, we implemented the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Yojana and under this scheme, agricultural input assistance is being provided at the rate of Rs. 10,000 per acre to maize growing farmers and 13,000 per acre to sugarcane growing farmers. In the coming year, pulses and oilseed crops will also be included in this scheme, so that farmers can grow crop of their choice and derive benefit out of it. We have constituted a committee of departmental officers headed by the Chief Secretary, to include the landless farmers of the state also in this scheme. The committee will study and submit its report to the cabinet within 2 months.

Increase in the income of tribals from last year to this year by collection of forest produce

Mr. Baghel said that despite the lockdown, we started MGNREGA works in Chhattisgarh and now about 26 lakh labourers are working in MGNREGA. On the other hand, under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Yojana, we have given the amount into the accounts of farmers. In addition to this, 44 percent forest area of Chhattisgarh has tribal residents, whose economy is based on small forest produce. At these times of lockdown, all the shops are closed and buying of small forest produce has also come to a halt. At such a time, we have started the purchase of Mahua and tamarind through self-help groups at the village level. We also did not stop the work of Mahua, tamarind and also of Tendupatta. The support price of Mahua was fixed by the Government of India at Rs 17. When the demand increased, the Chhattisgarh government increased it from Rs 17 to Rs 30, thus the income of people was higher than what they had received in previous years.Our brothers and sisters living in the jungle will get Rs.2500 crores in their pocket. The Chief Minister said that we have farmers on one side and labourers on the other side while our tribals living in Vananchal, are on the third side and all will have money in their pockets. And when they have money in their pocket, their purchasing power will increase, and as a result of this businesses will grow, whether it is in the rural area or urban, definitely it will grow. We had experienced the same phenomena last year. As we waived debt and bought paddy for Rs 2500 per quintal, there was a period of recession in the whole country but there was no effect of recession in Chhattisgarh, this year too we will see the same thing happening.
The Chief Minister said that the tribals never used to migrate and all their needs were fulfilled in the forest itself, but gradually as the Amla, Chironji and Mango trees started cutting and the sources of income of tribals started to decrease, migration of tribals started. This year, we have decided to plant trees that directly benefit the tribals. This year we are going to plant 70 lakhs fruit bearing plantations including Harra, Bahera, Chironji, Amla etc. which will become the source of income of tribals. Along with this, I have also instructed to plant these trees on the land where forest rights putta have been given and in the middle of these trees, plants such as Jimikanda and Haldi, which can grow even in shade, should be planted, so that continuous income is ensured.

The Chief Minister said that at present there are more than 90 percent industrial establishments which have started. Right now, they are not working with their full potential, but gradually their capacity is increasing. We are making efforts to open the businesses which provide employment to urban labourers, as soon as possible. Mr. Baghel said that we have agreed to run 43 special trains to bring migrant labourers. A total of 16 thousand 499 quarantine centers for labourers coming from different states have been set up, in which arrangements have been made for people’s living, food and health check etc.

Workers of any state are all our guests

The Chief Minister said that Chhattisgarh is surrounded by 7 states. Apart from these states, workers of many other states are passing through Chhattisgarh. A large number of labourers are coming on foot, for them the state government is making arrangements for providing food, water, health check-up and Charanpaduka and to make them safely reach the state’s border. We regard these workers belonging to other states as our guests, it will be ensured that they are nicely looked after. I want to appeal to all brothers and sisters. The people who are coming in this hour of crisis are our own, our relatives, our brothers and sisters. There are people of our village, there are people of our city and in such a situation it is our responsibility to take care of them, do not treat them in any way that hurts them. Also, our guidelines should be strictly followed, take care of them and also follow the rules strictly. I also want to appeal to our labourers who have come from other states that they should have some patience in this time of crisis.You have walked thousands of kilometres and reached your village, now it is a matter of few days.

Mr. Baghel said that we should behave well with the corona positive patients who have come and we have to make arrangements for their treatment. I think in the first phase, all of us people of Chhattisgarh have worked together. It is a crisis, we do not need to panic. When we have shown very good work in the first phase, then in the second phase also we will work well, it’s a matter of few days. If you protect yourself properly, we will be able to defeat Corona.
The Chief Minister informed that the ration card holders of BPL families will also get rice free of cost in the month of June. Those who do not have ration card will also get 5 kg of rice per person. For those who do not have a job card of MGNREGA, we will immediately make a job card so that they can get work in MGNREGA. The industrial workers have gone out from here and have come here from outside, the industry should adjust these workers and give them opportunities. Along with MGNREGA, we are also starting construction works in rural and urban areas which will provide employment to labourers. Our effort is to give employment to all. With the commencement of the lockdown, we ensured a smooth arrangement of all essentials including vegetables. Black marketing is being strictly monitored, so that people have not faced any kind of trouble. The Chief Minister said that in the days to come, we will have to make a habit of living with Corona. Avoid going to the crowded place. Apply Masks essentially and keep washing your hands.Only by adopting these protective measures will we all be able to overcome this infection.