Chhattisgarh: State level e-Lok Adalat for the first time in judicial history on 11 July

Raipur: State level e-Lok Adalat has been organized in Bilaspur on 11 July. This is happening for the first time in the judicial history of the country, when the Lok Adalat will be held through video conferencing, the parties and lawyers not having to come to the court. The cases will be resolved by mutual consent between the parties sitting at home.

Executive President of Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority Justice Prashant Mishra informed that in the e-Lok Adalat held in Chhattisgarh on July 11, More than 3 thousand cases will be heard in more than 200 benches of various districts across the state including the High Court. e-Lok Adalat will be Inaugurated by Chief Justice P.R. Ramchandra Menon at 10.30 AM in the video conferencing room of Chhattisgarh High Court. Live streaming of this program will also be done.

Justice Mishra said that money related cases like settlement cases, family cases, motor accident claims, cheque bounce cases, etc. are often resolved through Lok Adalat. When people are facing financial crisis due to Corona, Chhattisgarh High Court and State Legal Services Authority have decided to set up e-Lok Adalat for resolving such cases. E-Lok Adalat is being held in all the District Courts and Tehsil Courts along with High Court.

Justice Mishra said that the link was made available to the parties at the same time when the forms were filled for settlement through e-Lok Adalat. In e-Lok Adalat, the parties and lawyers will be able to sit in their respective homes and connect to the court by video conferencing through the given link. If the parties and lawyers have difficulty in connecting through video conferencing, then they have also been given the facility to present their case by making a WhatsApp video call. Judicial functioning has been affected across the country due to Corona Crisis. The financial condition of lawyers and parties have deteriorated. They will get relief from e-Lok Adalat. Justice Mishra said that there is eagerness about e-Lok Adalat in the whole country. If this experiment is successful, it will be continued further.

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