Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will launch “Sahyog se Suraksha Abhiyan” from August 15

Bhopal : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan will launch the “Sahyog se Suraksha Abhiyan” on August 15. The main theme of the campaign is “Sahyog aur samarthan se hi vijay, Corona Samapti ka drida nischay” (only cooperation and support can help us win, firm resolve to end Corona”.

Government departments, voluntary organizations, trade organizations, religious leaders and public representatives will take part extensively in the Sahyog se Suraksha Abhiyan. This campaign will be conducted in collaboration with all sections.

The main objective of the campaign is to instill a sense of security among the common man through public awareness. The campaign will generate awareness among so that they learn to live with the problem of Corona infection. The Health Department will also make efforts to make people adopt safe practices. They will encourage communities to make preventive measures a part of their lifestyle. The goal is to maintain continuity of the campaign in order to make prevention from infection a general practice. In the campaign, efforts will be made to change people’s habits through simple and clear messages. Many times people are confused due to wrong and misleading information, efforts will be continuously to counter this and explain what is right to the people through various means so that people can get actual information.

A time-bound programme has also been set for campaign activities. Oath taking programmes will be organized during the campaign. Nodal officers have been appointed in the government departments associated with the campaign, to give pace to the activities of the campaign.

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