Child Rights and You (CRY) Launches New Data Analytics Program Funded by Oracle

New Delhi: Child Rights and You (CRY), one of India’s leading Indian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), announced the launch of a new data analytics program funded by Oracle with the goal of measuring the progress, social impact and outcome of CRY’s intervention in changing in the lives of thousands of underprivileged children in India.

Thanks to the US $100,000 grant from Oracle, CRY will have extended hardware and technical support from Oracle to ensure its effective implementation across 50 projects in India.

“We are grateful to Oracle for having helped us merge technology and data analytics with our work to ensure sustainable outputs of our on ground development programs,” said Suma Ravi Regional Director-South, CRY. “With this support, we will be able to implement a result based monitoring system, which will help us to quantitatively measure the outcome of our efforts and also improve the quality of our programs based on the inputs”, she added.

The new data analytics program will use Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) software to track how every child is being impacted, ensure course correction and a long lasting change in the lives of India’s underprivileged children.