Children from Codevidhya prepare to fight Corona


New Delhi:  Codevidhya an EdTech Company that offers a complete suite of products for schools in both Offline and Online forms, which are mapped with CBSE curriculums for coding is helping kids build project to solve real-life problems. Student from MIT App inventor and Euro International School, Sikar developed app to help people during Covid 19 Pandemic.


14 yr old Nitin Yadav from MIT App inventor developed COVIUPDATER to provide one application platform for common people to get information and different features about Covid19. In this app, one will find features like Take Test that helps people to take tests in various stages like there are three modes 1. Normal 2. Medium 3.critical case (Based on the questions and points scored). The second is the location feature which helps to see the number of cases in India then comes 3 feature cases in the world this feature lets you the number of cases in the world and every country. The fourth feature of Cases in the State of India provides information on the number of cases present in the Indian state. 5 Ventilators And information this feature provides information on how many Ventilators are booked and what the government is doing to increase the Ventilators and full news about Ventilators in India Lastly the 6th feature of News provides live updated news of Corona what is happening in the country and state it also shares related videos about Corona.


Similarly, Ekunit is an online community of blood donors and receivers, developed by the students of Euro International School, Sikar under the guidance of Codevidhya

Codevidhya runs a computer programming curriculum across the CBSE, ICSE, and IB Schools to make children aware of their social responsibility they give a project to the students related to the social cause and Ekunit is one such project given to the Euro International School Sikar.

Ekunit is an online community for blood donation. If you are in need of blood or you want to donate blood; this is the place. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s free! You can sign up and help build a community that cares (Link-


Mr. Shivram Choudhary, Founder of, Codevidhya says we are extremely proud to see these kids gearing up against Corona using their coding skills in practice for society. We aim to create individuals Entrepreneurs who can thrive to drive technology. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to every student of this generation to become the innovator in the field of Computer Science rather than just a user. Coding help develops skill in the students and will be a direct source of income for him/her. Anyone can start his/her own online/ offline business and those who undergo graduation in IIT or any other institute will get the benefit of learning more advanced things rather than the basic ones.


Kids learn faster when they are young. At this tender age, they are ready to learn new things as they are inquisitive. Their minds are flexible to adapt to new things and changing environments.


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