Children from Different Art Centre visit UST campus

Thiruvananthapuram : Children from the Different Art Centre (DAC) from Magic Planet in Kazhakoottam displayed their amazing talent in arts and magic, on their visit to the UST campus in Thiruvanathapuram. The visit of the differently-abled kids from DAC coincided with the HappiUST Week celebrations.
The children performed songs, dance, and magic show after they arrived on an invite by the UST Office of Values and Culture’s People’s Engagement Group, under the auspices of Colors of UST. Children with autism, cerebral palsy, MR, down syndrome, and also visually and hearing-impaired kids, were part of the team that came for the visit. Among the performances was a live upside-down drawing which turned out to be a picture of the UST building, drawn by five children in a matter of a few minutes. The children mesmerized the UST employees with their song and dance performances and magic show. Magic Academy Executive Director Gopinath Muthukadu also performed magic on the occasion.
The children were given a tour of the UST campus. They were received by UST Chief Values Officer Sunil Balakrishnan, UST Thiruvananthapuram Center Head Shilpa Menon, Workplace Management and Operations Senior Director Harikrishnan Mohankumar Jayashree. The children were later given a sent off, post-lunch.

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