Children to Paint their Imagination of Clean Ganga this Environment Day

New Delhi: We are into the mid of Lockdown 4 making our best efforts to fight this nasty disease. Lockdown is not only a new word for all of us but all together with a new and the first-of-its-kind experience in all our lives, undoubtedly posing a lot of challenges onto our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Therefore, Atulya Ganga, keeping in mind the utmost efforts we are making to keep it together it is launching an online drawing completion for children as well as elders, and what better event to choose than World Environment Day to organize the competition and bring everyone together if not physically at least virtually. Atulya Ganga is an organization of retired Army Veterans who have made it their life mission to make our very own natural treasure Ganga clean. Now that the competition is about to set afloat everyone at Atulya Ganga is buried in preparations. All of the participants are expected to enroll themselves in the online form issued by Atulya Ganga. The results will be announced on the 5th of June, next month and the winners will be awarded assorted gifts and prizes.

The competition has been named as “Meri Rango Se Meri Ganga” and they have devised several themes keeping in mind age groups and attempting to provide all, the freedom of imagination along with it making them aware of the Ganga we had then and now, also trying to probe their hearts with it as Ganga has always been special to every individual one way or another. We all have witnessed how our river Ganga has rejuvenated during lockdown since there was no one around to disturb its free flow. This is one sense will also somewhere ignite the desire to protect the river and try to bring it to the state it originally was and has always deserved. Retired Colonel-General Manoj Keshwar of Atulya Ganga shared that, “We have chosen the themes of the competition in a way that the children are made aware of the changing situations of the river. Through this online competition, children will be able to use their imaginations to the fullest and we are confident that we will get the art composed by the children, which we will display in front of people on our official online portal so that there will be increased awareness about Ganga amongst the masses.”

This initiative is as unique as it has been widely appreciated by esteemed schools like Jindal Public School. The Principal of Dwarka-based Jindal Public School expressed, “We are very impressed by the initiative of online competition, and ‘Meri Rango Se Meri Ganga’ being organized by the Atulya Ganga and our school children are excited to participate in this competition. Ganga is an integral part of the country and if children get a chance to contribute to this great river by any means, then they must join. This competition will increase awareness about the river between older people and children “. Anu Bajaj of St. Mary School also shared, “This online art competition being organized for children will increase awareness among children to save Ganga. We know how impressionable minds children have and it will be amazing to see what all their unbridled imagination can do. They can leave a long-lasting impression on people and society about Ganga with their painting. I can’t wait to see them all.”

Being an exceptional competition as it is so is the organization Atulya Ganga who brainchild this idea. It is the only organization that is run by the dedicated army veterans of the country, who aim to protect Ganga from industrialization and pollution. The institution is always trying to connect school children with Ganga’s heritage because the institution believes that the future of Mahanadi Ganga rests with the country as well as the children, who will be our future. We wish people will continue to introspect and do the best that they can as humans, as citizens, and as an individual.