This Children’s Day, kids will ‘Take off with Te Whariki’

Mumbai: Podar Jumbo Kids will ‘Take off with Te Whariki’ here on November 14. Te Whariki is the early childhood curriculum of the government of New Zealand and Podar Jumbo Kids adapted it as the curriculum for all its 340 daycares across India. Te Whariki curriculum has 9 areas of development that parents and teachers can understand and focus on in a fun based manner.

The event will showcase fun based activities for children to play, explore and experience and thus enjoy their day with their friends and play. Present on the occasion will be Consul General of New Zealand Ralph Hays and will start at 9 am at Podar Jumbo Kids in Khar (W).

President of Podar Education Network, Dr. Swati Popat Vats believes that children should experience childhood for as long as possible. We steal so many things from children, their childhood, their right to play, their right to eat healthy, their right to a stress free life and so it is imperative that this children’s day we stop stealing and start gifting! Not only materialistic gifts but the gift of overall holistic development.

This festival will highlight 9 areas of the Te Whariki curriculum and consist of various activities for children to enjoy and teachers to explore.

Family and Community- Five currant buns in the baker’s shop where children will explore and learn some Math activities.
Holistic Development- Jack teaches kids about beans- take the bean test and enhance your numberand letter skills.
Contribution and Belonging-Mowgli will teach kids about taking care of animals and extinct animals which will help children to develop aesthetic sense of environment.
Relationship-Hansel and Gretel teach children about day and night and they will learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things.
Empowerment and Communication- Poor Humpty Dumpty how sad that he can’t be put together again—–or can he? Know our new version in this corner where children will explore and learn about physical development.
Wellbeing- Learn about the lifecycle of water creatures with the Ugly Duckling that will help children to understand the importance of health, hygiene, and nature.
Exploration- Children will explore the world of different creatures through different innovative games and meet Little Miss Muffet who teaches them not to get scared of spiders and creepy crawlies.
Also have them participate in a unique Muppet show with Jumbo the Elephant, Tiggy the Tiger, Bhaloo the Bear, Ducky Duck, Pinky the Pencil, the vegetable friends and of course a surprise dance by Santa Claus!

This unique festival is open for schools and parents to bring their children for a nominal fee of 10 rupees, all collections will then be donated to create library at Podar’s adopted balwadi. Podar will also be taking the fun to the following orphanages and balwadis.

1. Mannata Orphanage

2. Maha Niketan

3. Beru- Badlapur

4. Shasakiya Mulanche Vasatigruha- Ulhasnagar

5. Vishwabalak Kendra

6. Nanihal

7. Vimala Orphanage- Versova

8. Janani Aashish- Dombivli

9. Bandra East Community Center

10. Support Location- Santacruz East