“China-Japan Joint Talent Training Program” launched

Peking: In order to better promote educational exchanges and development between China and Japan, Peking University, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education of China, recently proposed to China Scholarship Council to launch “China-Japan Joint Talent Training Program” based on the platform of “China-Japan University Presidents Forum”. Such a program was then approved and supported by the aforementioned department.

According to this program, China Scholarship Council will support member universities of China-Japan University Presidents Forum to carry out talent exchanges and joint trainings in advantageous disciplines and professional fields. Additionally, the specified program of “International Cooperative Innovative Talent Training Program” will add one more program quota every year for the member universities in China. Based on their respective talent training needs, Chinese universities, together with Japanese counterparts, can make applications to China Scholarship Council.

The plan has recently been officially rolled out on the platform of “China-Japan University Presidents Forum”. Hence, the member universities in China that are well-prepared and have stable cooperative relationship with those in Japan can begin their applications this year. The launch of “China-Japan Joint Talent Training Program” will further fulfill the aims of China-Japan University Presidents Forum to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan in the field of higher education.


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