China University of Geosciences: CUG’s Zigui Industry-Education-Research Base Designated as Research Center for Primary and Middle School Students of Hubei Province

CUG’s Zigui Industry-Education-Research Base is on the list of the second batch of Research Center for Primary and Middle School Students of Hubei Province, according to the Department of Education of Hubei Province.

As one of the fieldwork education bases of CUG, Zigui Industry-Education-Research Base has its unique education and research resources of geological fieldwork. Many universities and institutions from home and abroad, including the University of Houston, Peking University and Wuhan University, have carried out activities here.

In recent years, Zigui Base has extended earth science education to primary and middle schools. Through cooperation with local schools, Zigui Base has introduced research centers, held on-campus open days with themes of science popularization, and organized “Looking for Li Siguang” exhibitions, becoming more open to public and more attractive to students. Meanwhile, Zigui Base combined over 150 fieldwork key locations within Zigui and its historical, cultural scenic spots like the Three Gorges Dam and the Cultural Tourism Area of Qu Yuan’s Hometown, and designed special routes for fieldwork and research.

Zigui Industry-Education-Research Base is known by more and more primary and secondary school students inside and outside Hubei province. It can accommodate over 1,000 students at the same time and provide one-stop service for study tours.

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