China University of Geosciences: WANG Linqing Talks to High School Graduates about Life Dreams on Xinhuanet

WANG Linqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CUG, gave a public lecture on Xinhuanet on June 26. He talked with the high school graduates about their ideals and choices, shared his views on the future of the geological industry, and introduced CUG in an all-round way.

He said that geological work, as basic and pioneering work for socioeconomic development, was closely related to our life. The future geological technology would focus on the green exploration technology to guarantee the mineral resources for national security and economic industries, the high-end technology to serve the deep earth, deep sea, deep space and “deep blue” industries (cyberspace, information technology, and artificial intelligence), the methods and technology for new energy production and utilization, the big data and geological cloud technology to serve the ecological geological survey and other related fields, and finally to help realize a “Beautiful China”, green and high-quality development, and resource recycling. The prospective university students should envision big dreams and consider how to make your own contributions to the country.

He told the students that, after going through various stage of development, CUG, with its rich academic and cultural heritage, devised A Beautiful China & A Habitable Earth: Towards 2030—Strategic Plan of Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences. “Faculty and staff are here to help you, facilities are at your disposal, international exchange opportunities are open to you, and entrepreneurship and employment guidance, student loans, cultural activities, and experiences from model students are all available to you,” he said a final word to the students. “At CUG, as long as you embrace learning, you can learn both deeply and broadly. We are waiting for you at CUG. Let’s explore space, Earth, oceans, and mountains together!”

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