Chingari’s GARI Token to be listed on the Top 6 Crypto Exchanges in the world: Enabling Chingari Users to harness blockchain technology for content monetization

GARI Token (GARI), India’s first social crypto-token will open a gateway into blockchain, for the Chingari app users. The GARI Token will make its historical opening on Top 6 Exchanges in the country including KUCOIN, HUObi, FTX, MEXC Global and It is the first Indian social token to be listed on OKEx, which is the world’s second-largest crypto. The Gari Token (GARI) sale will go live on 18 January on OKEx. Similarly, the GARI Token will go live on other top exchanges in the country, making it a mega buzz for the blockchain market.


GARI is a social token especially developed for the Chingari creators. It will give the users a governance authority over the future platform developments through the DAO and create a circular economy. GARI is a way of entering the crypto world that will enable content monetization to become more mainstream in India. At the same time, the blockchain platform would allow users to obtain tokens for creating and viewing content.

Speaking on this mega announcement, Sumit Ghosh, founder and CEO of Chingari, said, “The various crypto trading platforms have joined hands with Chingari owing to the kind of user market that the platform has created. GARI Token (GARI) has become India’s first social crypto-token and we aim at providing beneficial investment options to the Chingari users through the tokens which can be monetized easily.”

GARI will facilitate the huge pool of 30 million monthly active Chingari users to get on-chain. Block-chain is the new way of monetization and Chingari has become India’s first social media platform to harness the huge potential of the space. For the first time in the history of blockchain apps, an app will onboard millions of users on-chain, in one day (launch day).


Launching the GARI Token over Top 6 Exchanges in the country will bring in an influx of users on-chain, helping them gain access to the blockchain technology for content monetization. This is the beginning of a bigger change in terms of how we perceive social media now!


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