Chitkara University Prof Dr Gitanjali Kalia Launches E-book ‘Lyrical Emotions’

Chandigarh: A learner by heart and an academician by profession, Dr Gitanjali Kalia, an Associate Professor with Chitkara School of Mass Communication, Rajpura launched an e-book namely ‘Lyrical Emotions’.

Dr Kalia believes that life is too short to hide your feelings. So one should never be afraid to say what one feels. Sharing about her book, she said, “I have just tried to pen down my life journey so far in the form of experiences, learning’s, emotions and everything that life has taught me. Through simple vocabulary and in depth observation feelings, I have tried to pen down my thoughts that many readers will relate with. They might sound idealist at times, but somewhere we all want the world to be this way. Quoting few lines form her book she said

“Might be few but are enough to sue

Once spoken can never be reviewed

Provides solace to the broken heart

And tranquillity to the storm inside”

She shared that every individual has its own journey of life and during that journey we flow with the wave of emotions that make us low and high at times. My book has poetic description to all those feelings like Expectations from us, Struggling Alone, Morals,Do they still exist, Strangers we meet in life, A whim called Life, Salves of System, Robotic Life, Reading Paradise, etc.

Dr Kalia said, “It’s been a long journey. I started my inclination towards writing with making a personal diary and regularly updating it with my day to day experiences. I was so inclined towards writing that I started my own blog while teaching New Media. I started writing articles in English for various magazines, online portals and my own blog. But my passion for writing poetry upsurge during difficult times,” said Dr Gitanjali Kalia.

She is a hardcore Taureaun by my traits who is a nature lover with a creative soul in the embodiment. Dr Kalia always believed in the philosophy that says experience yourself rather than hearing it from leaders as though ‘Action speaks louder than Words’ but intentions unite the universe with the efforts.

Talking about her, the Associate Professor said, “I have nearly 11 years of work experience in the field as well as in academics. Being a voracious reader and writer by nature, I have penned down my thoughts for various magazines, newspapers and online websites. My poems have also been published by Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi in compilations named ‘Kavyalehri and ‘Kavyanjali,” she said.

Dr Gitanjali Kalia said that as it’s her first e-book and it feels great to get acknowledgement from the well wishes in form of reviews and messages. She also shared that if she gets a fruitful response from the readers then she will indeed go for publishing hard copies of ‘Lyrical Emotions’.

This ebook is available on amazon for the read and people with kindle subscription can read it for free.

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