Chongqing Mayor Tang Liangzhi visits Peking University

Peking : Tang Liangzhi, mayor of Chongqing, visited Peking University on June 10. Tang and his delegation met with Qiu Shuiping, chair of the Peking University Council, and Hao Ping, president of PKU.

Tang extended his gratitude to PKU for supporting the socio-economic development of the Southwest China’s municipality. Tang said PKU boasts great talents, leading scientific research and excellent education. He expressed his hope to deepen the cooperation between PKU and Chongqing through signing new strategic cooperation agreement, and to push forward the key project of constructing the Western Science City, which is expected to be an influential science & innovation center built on Chongqing’s unique geographical advantages, solid industrial foundation and immense scientific & educational potential.

Qiu noted that PKU would provide continuous support for Chongqing in terms of scientific innovation. In recent years, Chongqing and PKU have formed close relationships in the training of selected students and key research projects. Going forward, PKU will encourage more talents to work in Chongqing and seek deeper cooperation with this city to shore up China’s Western Development Strategy.

Hao expressed his thanks to Chongqing’s support. Hao said PKU has always been involved in national strategy and contributed immensely to regional socio-economic development. Being a pivot of the Belt & Road Initiative and Western Development Initiative, Chongqing will be granted more support from PKU in urban construction and scientific innovation.

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