How to Choose the Best MBA in Germany for You

Germany is an incredibly liberal country that allows people from all over the world to study there. With its numerous business schools, it offers graduate and undergraduate students the possibility to choose from a wide range of programs. However, choosing an MBA in Germany in English can be a bit of a tough challenge due to its high demand.

How can you choose the best MBA program in Germany based upon your needs? Germany has a wide breadth of services in the education department, ranging from specific courses to fully-fledged degrees. Choosing the right offering may seem daunting at first, but we’ll discuss all the main points you should focus on before you apply.

Do Not Focus on Location While Researching MBAs in Germany in English

If you’re looking for an MBA in Germany in English, chances are you know little about the country or how it works. Most people will in fact look for “MBA in Berlin” since it is known as the most famous location in Germany, but you definitely should not focus on location. That’s because Germany is an extremely varied but well-established country that shines throughout the territory.

Especially when it comes down to business, engineering, or computer education, Germany will be your one-stop shop. Whether you end up in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, or any other city only matters depending on your field of studies. Rather than focusing on location, focus on your goals. Focus on what you want to study and find the program that best suits that specific niche or category.


Photo credit: EU Business School, Munich (Germany)

Use the German Bureaucracy System to Your Advantage

Germany is known for its highly efficient bureaucracy. Use that to your advantage! If you already know what MBA you’re looking for, why not ask directly? Don’t shy away from contacting authorities, colleges, and universities. You have the right to communicate directly with a person since your education is extremely important and it’ll affect your future.

Send an email to whomever may be concerned once you decided to settle on a specific program and write a clear message that shows your interest in their program. Don’t just wait for a reply though; proactively research and study the program while you wait so that you know what to say once you’ll receive the notification in your inbox. It’s the best way to book your spot in the system.

A little bit of German can help, but it’s not a necessity. Germany is well-known for its proficiency in English (albeit with a strong accent), but make sure to research cultural differences if you end up getting approved for an MBA in Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, etc. Getting into cosmopolitan areas such as Munich or Berlin might make it easier for you to adjust, but smaller cities have their own flair.