Christophe Vandeviver together with Jozefien De Leersnyder new Chairmen of the Young Academy

 The Young Academy has elected professor Christophe Vandeviver (Faculty of Law and Criminology, Ghent University) together with professor Jozefien De Leersnyder (KU Leuven) as new Chairmen. Their term of office runs from April 2021 to March 2023.

They will take over from Sylvia Wenmackers (KU Leuven) and Vincent Ginis (VUB) at an online public event on Friday afternoon 26 March.

Together with the members, Christophe Vandeviver and Jozefien De Leersnyder want to further expand the role of the Young Academy as a reliable discussion partner who can influence academic decision-making, the image of science as well as future-oriented, out-of-the-box initiatives at the intersection. of science, social engagement and art. During their presidency, they want to place the members even more at the center of the operation of the Young Academy. They were elected with a vision statement on how inclusivity and high-quality research – two common threads running through the initiatives of the Young Academy – can strengthen each other and academia.

Professor Christophe Vandeviver is tenure track research professor of criminology at the Faculty of Law and Criminology of Ghent University, and International Research Fellow at the Netherlands Study Center for Crime and Law Enforcement. He researches, among other things, victimization of (sexual) violence and applies advanced technologies and new research methods to study where and when crime is committed. In 2018 his research was in the spotlight as a success story of the Flemish Supercomputer Center. Christophe Vandeviver has been a member of the Young Academy since 2019 and a board member of science communication since 2020.

Professor Jozefien De Leersnyder is tenure track research professor at the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology of the KU Leuven. Her research is situated at the intersection of culture, emotion and acculturation psychology. She studies how cultural (mis) fit has an impact on the well-being of ethnic minorities, which psychological processes promote intercultural dialogue, and how we can organize living together in diversity in such a way that equal (educational) opportunities are created for everyone. Jozefien De Leersnyder has been a member of the Young Academy since 2018 and a board member of policy since 2019.

Both have an excellent research profile, supported by prizes, publications, membership of various scientific committees and foreign invitations. In addition, both are committed to translating their scientific research into practice.

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