Chronicles of a Wanderer: A tale of a 23 year old who travelled the world with no plan and a java motorcycle

Mumbai: Biplob World, recently announced the launch of their first adult fiction novel, ‘Chronicles of a Wanderer’.

Penned by Author Abhishek Talwar, the book is set in the late 1970’s and is based on a true story. It details the journey of Adesh Dhamija from a stammering teenager to a 23 year old who sets out to discover the world on a ‘Jawa’ motorcycle and 300 US Dollars, simply on the strength of his undying faith in the goodness of mankind!

The plot draws an image in the mind of the reader of the beautiful lands of Sri Lanka, the exuberance of Middle East and the pristine charm of Europe. Interestingly the book dashes upon the socio – political situation of these places. One could easily pick this one for an exquisite travel read. It beautifully details Adesh Dhamija’s journeys as he uncovers Sri Lanka on a bicycle or traverses across half the world on a motorcycle. It details all his exploits. However, while the travel serves as a backdrop to the narrative, it weaves in a captivating story about how a stammering teenager finds the courage to go out and find himself.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Abhishek Talwar said, “Adesh’s story is unique. One can rarely come across a tale of someone from the 70’s, who is set out to explore the world as a 23 year old, with no plan and resources except for 300 dollars and a motorcycle.”

Talwar further mentions that when he got the story he knew this one had to be told. Since it’s a novel and he had to compress the story he regrets not being able to capture every single experience that he underwent.

The book is a tale of not giving up, no matter what the odds. Most importantly, what stands out is Adesh’s steadfast belief in the inherent goodness of humanity. In a world where we increasingly distrust our fellow humans, the book focuses on a man who gives it his all; and that to Abhishek Talwar is the most important takeaway. It may be a coming of age story of Adesh – but there is a message for everyone, a message that will help one in finding the way to discover one’s true calling and not giving up.

Biplob World was incepted by Ritika Talwar & Abhishek Talwar. They set out to create kid friendly content for children that educates and entertains them simultaneously. Although ‘Chronicles of a Wanderer’ doesn’t really fall in the category of children’s content, it is a huge lesson in his story for everyone, especially young adults. It is a story of immense self – belief and courage.

The book is available on all leading platforms, in both, paperback and e – book format.

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