‘The Chronicles of Wizardry’ a book by four 12 years olds

Bengaluru: In a proud moment for EuroSchool Whitefield, four of their students of grade 7 have published a book called ‘The Chronicles of Wizardry’.

The incredible feat was performed by four 12 year old girls – Uditi Mourya, Treya Moodithaya, Nikkita Rosalyn and Nityasree Pola. These young girls epitomised sincerity by indulging in literary excellence in parallel to regular academic sessions.

The students revealed that they received tremendous support from their teachers, at EuroSchool Whitefield, who not only supported them but also helped them in proof reading the book.

The four girls began the process by reading about the steps involved in writing a book, from producing a rough draft of a manuscript to publishing it. During their lunch breaks they discussed the storyline, noted down the plots and the thoughts & ideas. The collaborative work of the four girls in terms of writing, reviewing and editing, resulted in them putting together a book. The whole process of writing the book took them one academic year.

EuroSchool Whitefield Principal, Shruthi Arun said, “We feel proud of our student prodigies who have performed a remarkable feat of releasing a book at such a young age. At EuroSchool, it is our constant endeavour to help students to recognize their talent, discover their areas of interest, encourage individual skills, thereby giving each child the opportunity to pursue their passion.”

The book is about a boy named Jason, who discovers that he is bestowed with magical powers and the challenges he faces in the School of Wizardry. The book is now available at Amazon for INR 236.